Thursday, May 23, 2013

The very e-mini basics for the newbies at large

I have written pretty extensively about things like that on my site, in more than one section of it. Say in the basic educational e-mini section or in the A Word of Advice section that features many articles on trading e-mini futures aimed at the beginner.

I have recently written one more and posted it just today.

Its title "The very basics of e-mini trading for the very beginners" leaves no doubt that it is meant for the newbies to trading e-mini futures, specifically for those interested in day trading these financial vehicles as most people are.

If you are totally new to day trading eminis, this article is a good place to start.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Futures rollover days and stuff

As far as futures (and e-mini futures) basics go, very few things are as basic as the rollover and expiration days of futures contracts.

That's something that you don't deal with when you trade stocks, but you do if you trade stock options. Contracts, futures or options contracts, do expire and you need to switch (or roll over) to a new contract that will also expire in a few months. 

If you don't, there are some consequences that you definitely want to avoid. Most e-mini futures traders these days engage in day trading, which means they close their positions before the end of a daily session, so they are very unlikely to suffer these consequences.

I have just penned a new article about this which you can read right here. You may also want to check out this article, also very pertinent to rollover and expiration days.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

How fast can your e-mini trades be?

That's a pretty basic question, so I thought I would ask it in the blog about emini trading basics.

Well, the answer is, as often happens, "it depends." It depends on your target and your market volatility on a given day.

But if you an e-mini futures day trader, you are most likely to be a scalper, and even prefer to go for small, quick scalps. In a case like that your trades should not last long at all, a few minutes on average.

Some of such trades do not take even a minute and I like to call them "quickies" which emphasizes how fast they are. If you are a good KING trader, quickies are what you should encounter relatively frequently. On some days even you may even score a few.

For more about KING, an emini trading course of some renown, check out my site, including the section with its current e-mini day trading results.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Wanna see a nicely trending market?

Who wouldn't.

To see one example of it with basic explanations of what it means for the market to be trending as opposed to be stuck in a trading range, hop to this post on my other blog.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Speaking of e-mini trading basics

Or just e-mini basics, for simplicity, although I tend to write "emini" instead of "e-mini" because that makes things even simpler. Yet, it's "e-mini" that is the correct form, according to grammar Nazis, and who would really argue with them.

So speaking of emini basics, again, I think that all you need to learn what emini futures are and how to trade them is this single page. Yes, I admit, I am somewhat biased here, but nobody's perfect.

And if you are looking for a good emini day trading course, may I suggest this one. For starters, it's very reasonably priced. Not even $2000, let alone $6000. Yes, some of those things can be that expensive. And not necessarily any better than KING, if at all.