Saturday, September 29, 2012

Speaking of e-mini trading basics

Or just e-mini basics, for simplicity, although I tend to write "emini" instead of "e-mini" because that makes things even simpler. Yet, it's "e-mini" that is the correct form, according to grammar Nazis, and who would really argue with them.

So speaking of emini basics, again, I think that all you need to learn what emini futures are and how to trade them is this single page. Yes, I admit, I am somewhat biased here, but nobody's perfect.

And if you are looking for a good emini day trading course, may I suggest this one. For starters, it's very reasonably priced. Not even $2000, let alone $6000. Yes, some of those things can be that expensive. And not necessarily any better than KING, if at all.